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Rx Rated

27 November

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1984, 42, 86, 99, a christmas story, airplane!, alfred hitchcock, all or nothing, alpha psi, alton brown, american idol, apha/asp, ashley parker angel, bartels, baseball, beat la, breakfast at tiffany's, broccoli beef, caffeine, california pharmacist association, calvin and hobbes, candy, chocolate, chris berman, cirque du soleil, colbert nation, commander in chief, cone of silence, control, cpha, cucumber melon, cuddling, damburger, dance dance revolution, dancing with the stars, dave brubeck, ddr, dilbert, disconnected homestar, dodgers suck, don adams, douglas adams, espn, family guy, fans for the wga, fantasy baseball, filliam h. muffman, football, friends, ftj, fuf, futurama, get smart, ham, heroes, hiro, homestar runner, i support the strike, ice cream, ice water, in the groove, indecision, italian food, italy, itg, jamba juice, jon stewart, kaos, kill bill, klutz, knbr, lims, m*a*s*h, maxwell smart, medical, memento, mister rogers, movies, mr. bean, murphy's law, music, musicals, mythbusters, naps, no jellies, norcal, o-town, oreo, orlando bloom, pardon the interruption, patient care, pdc, pdr, pepsi, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmacy, pharmacy student, pharmd, phi delta chi, plus one, poker, polish names, pretty woman, psycho, pti, purple, randomness, red vs. blue, redding, rome, sailor moon, san francisco 49ers, san francisco giants, schadenfreude, scifi, shoephone, south park, sports, sportscenter, statboy, stcstw, stephen colbert, stockton, strong bad, take 5, teen girl squad, texas hold em, the amazing race, the colbert report, the daily show, the king and i, the matrix, the wørd, trigun, trillian, truthiness, university of the pacific, uop, vash the stampede, walgreens, weirdness, wikipedia